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More than 90 years have passed since we build our Ryokan by the lakeside Kawaguchiko with a view of Mt.Fuji. Inside the ryokan has a nostalgic atmosphere with a long-established Japanese-style inn that makes you feel the history of 90 years.
We have a unique appearance and ambience that makes you feel Japan in lake Kawaguchi and offer you Japanese cuisine. It is also popular with foreigners.
- About Ryokan

This Ryokan is a Japanese-style inn boasting Kaiseki Ryori, which is a traditional Japanese multi-course cuisine.
Japanese-style kappo-cuisine is not something to enjoy just by it. Japanese have the idea that the ambience is also part of the cuisine.
- Japanese cuisine
    Kawaguchiko is in front of the ryokan.
So, It is a perfect environment for early morning running and walking.
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"Dining Sakura" is a designer restaurant in our ryokan.
This is a healing space surrounded by Ryukyu-plaster. With the theme of peace and comfort, please enjoy the slow “sense of season, vegetables, creation, sake, and music”.
- Cafe & Dining Sakura

We first devised the idea of a recipe for Lake Kawaguchi's new specialty menu “Fuji-Mabushi”. And it is widely introduced in various mass media in Japan.
It is a special menu that you can not forget once you eat.
- Fuji-Mabushi

- References Website: Stay plan
Japanese style inn - Nagahama Ryokan
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